Interactive Garden Layout

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Cannington Gardens Interactive Map The Mixed Border - An informal border, this is the Shasta daisy (Leucanthemum x superbum).The Student Show Gardens - Students at Cannington Centre display their imaginative garden designs, reconstructed after being shown at external shows and exhibitions.Potager - An ornamental kitchen garden designed to be both productive and aesthetically pleasing, showcasing various vegetables, fruit and companion plants.The Herbaceous Border - A classic hot, long border containing old favourites as well as modern varieties.Water Feature - A student inspired, contemporary water feature in the heart of the blue garden.The Blue Garden - A tranquil, calming Garden which covers the full spectrum from air force blue to yale blue in a myriad of hues and tones.Summer House - A place to rest and comtemplate the beauty of the Gardens.National Collections Garden - An exciting development, with Plant Heritage National Plant Collection® of Deschampsia and Santolina, displayed in a contemporary design.Wildflower Meadow - A biodiversity hot-spot, attracting bees, butterflies and other beneficial insects and mammals.Botanical Glasshouse - A chance to see rare and endangered plants from tropical, Mediterranean and arid regions of the world, as well as to view areas used to propagate plants for sale to the public. This photo shows the Wet Temperate Zone of the Glasshouse, displaying plants from subtropical regions of the world.Botanical Glasshouse – a chance to see rare and endangered plants from tropical, Mediterranean and arid regions of the world, as well as to view areas used to propagate plants for sale to the public.Sub-tropical Walk - The exotic plantings are full of vibrant colours and bold foliage with mature Chusan palms providing a dramatic backdrop.Dry Garden - With meandering gravel paths and drought tolerant plants merging and self seeding, this photo shows the Argentinian vervain (Verbena bonariensis) and Crocosmia 'Lucifer'.The Royal Tree - A 'Great white cherry' planted by HRH The Earl of Wessex, Prince Edward when he officially opened by 24 April 2009.Formal Lawn - This area is used for special events, such as garden festivals, teddy bears' picnics, vintage fairs, and outdoor theatre productions to name a few.Bishop's Garden - The Garden features plants associated with Christianity mentioned in the the Old and New Testament, and is also a new home for rescued hedgehogs!The Shade Border - In this north-facing part of the garden you can find ferns, hostas and primulas as well as a stumpery providing a home for wildlife.Australasian Garden - This hidden part of the Garden contains an interesting botanical collection of Australasian flora, among the many fine plants are the endangered tree fern and the toothed lancewood. This Garden is also home to rescued hedgehogs!Priory Border - Planted up in a calming combination of cool colours, providing interest from spring, through to the darker days of the year. Backed by the stunning, newly restored medieval Cannington Court building.Royal Entrance - The multi-million pound refurbishment of the Grade 1 listed Cannington Court is now complete and The Royal Entrance has been planted up in oranges and purples, giving a vibrant and warm welcome to our visitors.Cannington Border - A celebration of the College's horticultural heritage, containing plants such as the ever popular Osteospermum 'Cannington Roy', bred right here in the walled garden.Plant Nursery - An extensive range of popular and unusual Cannington-grown plants, including many found within the gardens. Friendly and knowledgable staff provide advice and top tips to customers.